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About the Podcast

The HEART of the Hypocrites & Hypochondriacs Podcast is for the betterment of all people groups. Our desire is that people live whole lives on purpose with purpose. The Hypocrites & Hypochondriacs Podcast is powered by BE gatherings + events, a people-driven Social Group that hosts curated Social Gatherings to Cultivate Community. Our Creator Onteaya Evelina hosts weekly Episodes featuring Insightful conversations that will Inspire and Equip you to BE the Best you and share your fruit with others. 

WHY THE NAME: These are internal battles that manifest themselves outwardly in these forms all stemming from a “Self Identity” Issue. And I thought what better way to draw attention to the subject with such a name!

WHY THE APPLE: The Apple goes back to the age-old story of Eve in the Garden and how she doubted her Identity with (1) deceptive question; Did God Really Say? From then on the Apple was synonymous with deception but that is incorrect, the Apple is a symbol of Influence, Growth, and Productivity. The Apple was not bad, the question was. Adam and Eve were originally charged with taking care of the Garden and Expanding it (to BE Fruitful and Multiply) the Good of the Garden all over the Earth.

In each Episode we will unpack the plight of “Self Identity” and address Root-to-Fruit Issues.

I hope you join us!


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Meet the Host

Hello Friends! Thank you for stopping by the Hypocrites & Hypochondriacs Podcast Website! I am excited about the opportunity to do life with you! This Podcast will BE life-changing!  I am a life long BEliever in BEing Hospitable as Hospitality is the act of anticipating the needs of others. I am passionate about using my God-given Gifts and Talents to advance others by Cultivating opportunities for Growth and Development. I promise to BE Authentic, to BE Compassionate, to BE Truthful,  and to BE Fun & Friendly! So come along and let’s Grow Together!



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